Concrete & Drainage

Concrete & Drainage


Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world today due to its durability, longevity and cost effectiveness. It provides a beautiful, easily maintainable finish to either residential or commercial properties. We provide a vast range of concrete works, including bases, raft foundations, floors, footpaths, yards and driveways. Concrete looks great when edged with kerbing and large areas of concrete can be broken up with patios or paved bricks. We also provide a vast range of finishes such as hand float, bull float, power float or brush, all of which can be seen in our gallery.


Drainage is the most important part of every job. We will assess your area and take into consideration all gradients and ground conditions before planning your individual drainage system. We will advise you where gully traps should be situated in order to maximise efficient rain-water removal from your driveway or yard. We can also repair or replace damaged and blocked drains.

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Call: Niall - +353 (0)86 830 4462 or Jerome - +353 (0) 87 959 7422

Niall - +353 (0)86 830 4462 or Jerome - +353 (0) 87 959 7422